our story

We are a mother and daughter team, currently designing and making our entire collection, tucked away in rural wales.


Born from a lifelong love of dress, design and a need to create, but reluctance to become part of the fashion industry, llynfi is a different approach to clothing.

Our collection evolves naturally, but the designs retain a nostalgic air, hinting at simpler times and echoing the central themes of our partnership:


British Wool

Supporting British farmers, small producers and our own spinning and weaving mills


Natural Fibres, Fabrics and Dyes 

Carefully sourcing the best materials for sustainable social and environmental happiness, both near and far



We use certified yarn for most of out knitwear, and certified cotton for lining our dresswear. Organic certification is important not only for maintaining environmental standards, but also insures safe and fair working practices accross the world. Organic wool fabric is not currently available, so for now, we use locally woven Welsh flannel and fabric from a fantastic project in the Himalayas...


Selling Direct

We love meeting the people that buy our clothes. Being able to connect people with how their clothes come to be, in a world where we are becoming increasingly detached, makes us very very happy. Seing how happy our clothes make our customers is worth everything!


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61 Margaret Street, London   |   See Map

103 Wardour Street, London

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226 Jubilee Street, London

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susan james - knitwear

emily james - dresswear

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